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Sat 3rd Jun 2017 - 3:28pm : General : Gaming


So its nearly that time of year again, Christmas for gamers... E3. Where we salivate over what's to come in video games over the coming years. As always Xtreme Gaming wants to provide you a place to chill and deal with all the excitement so we are continuing with our annual E3 Event.

Come along and enjoy all E3 has to offer along with all the gaming you want at XG, if you think you can handle 39 hours straight then join us for the full E3 event or if you maybe need to get some sleep then join us on the evening that you most want to see!

We will be also taking advantage of our new streaming set up to give feedback on our thoughts of the annoucements, so if you are attending let us know your thoughts and they will feature when we cover off the topics onine. 


Sunday 11th June 6pm-9am
Shows: Xbox & Bethesda

Monday 12th June 6pm-9am
Shows: Ubisoft & Sony

Ticket Pricing

Whole E3 Pass: £25

(With this pass you can stay at XG from 6pm Sunday all the way till 9am Tuesday)

Nightly Pass: £15

(This covers you from 6pm-9am on the evening of you choice)

If you would like to book your place please get in contact now as we only have a select amount of slots available for this event. Either call us on 01206561535 or email us at





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